Advantages and Disadvantages of Backlinks

Backlinks Meaning

Backlink is the word which is used in the context of blogging and search engine optimization; it refers to those links which are from other websites or domains linking to your website. It can be understood with the help of an example suppose your house is in street A and your relative house is in street B and street C and you put your address sign at your relatives house in street B and Street C than this it is equivalent to backlinks. In case of blogging the place of the house is taken by the websites and links are equivalent to the address sign. In order to understand more about this term, one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of backlinks –

Advantages of Backlinks

Improves Ranking

The biggest advantage of it is that they help in improving the ranking of your website because as more and more sites link to your website the position of your posts and page will rank higher in the search engines.

Improves Visibility and Traffic

In case of the house if you have put address sign in 2 houses than your address will be easy to find as compared to those houses that have not put the address sign, in the same way, if you have links from many websites than your visibility will increase which will lead to increase in the traffic to the website.

Easy to Build

One does not need to be professional or expert to do backlinking and an individual having basic knowledge can also do this task. Hence, in other words, one does not need to be expert in computers or SEO to achieve the task of doing backlinks for the website.

Disadvantages of Backlinks


The biggest disadvantage of it is that too much of it can lead to a penalty from Google which will turn counterproductive in the sense that search will decrease instead of increasing due to excessive and low-quality links.

One part of SEO

Another problem with it is that it is not that if you have backlinks than your website will have plenty of visitors rather the website needs to have good content and many things along with backlinks in order to have good traffic to the website.

Presence of Low-quality Websites

Another problem with it is that there are many websites and it’s very difficult to find websites which can give high-quality backlinks and if one gets links from low-quality websites than it will result in search engine penalizing the website. Hence once should concentrate on quality rather than quantity when it comes to backlinks to the website.

As one can see from the above that backlinks have pros and cons but as far as the website owner is concerned it is important to learn about this term and have high-quality backlinks to the website instead of having low-quality links if one wants to be successful in blogging.

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