Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Children

Once an individual is married, then after some period the major question or dilemma is whether to have kids or not because having kids is not an individual decision rather it is a collective decision of both husband and wife. While a few years back people didn’t think much about having kids as it was not a big deal as most of the couples opted for having kids but nowadays many couples think before deciding whether to have kids or not. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of having children –

Advantages of Having Children

Aim to Life

Having children fills you with fresh energy as you want to do something for them which results in you doing more work and achieve the best in life for yourself as well as your children. Hence those who are in job try to outperform so that they can get good position and salary in the office and those who are in business try to achieve maximum profits and growth for the business.

Makes You Closer to Your Spouse

Children help in making the relation of husband and wife sweeter because kids bring with them lot of responsibilities. Husband and wife by sharing those responsibilities close and their bonding become even stronger. Hence in a way, children are like a magnet which helps in maintaining the attraction between the father and mother of the children.

Bring Back Childhood Memories

Another benefit of having children is that it takes you back to your childhood and brings back sweet memories from the past childhood of yours. Hence with kids, you become the kid again leaving behind all the worries and tensions of the life which in turn makes you stress-free.

Disadvantages of Having Children

Financial Burden

The biggest problem in today’s age where everything is so expensive having children is no exception as everything related to children whether its education or medical facilities or general living standard is very expensive. Hence it creates a financial burden on the parents and if you are not financially sound than you may not be able to give them the best which is the dream of every parent.


Another major problem with having children is that one has to sacrifice a lot in order to be a good parent whether it’s their time, energy, sleep and many more things and it is not as if one has to sacrifice these things only for few days rather it is for long period of time and that is the reason why today’s generation are keen to have either no children or only 1 children as they do not have time, money and energy to sacrifice.

Life Moves around Children’s Life

Another con of having children is that once they are born the life of the parent moves around them. Hence their sleeping time becomes parents sleeping time; their playing time becomes parents playing time and so on. In short, one has to manage all other things keeping mind the needs of children and life of the parent keeps revolving around their children which results in parents ignoring the wants and need of themselves for their children.

As one can see from the above that having children has its advantages and disadvantages and it is a couple’s choice whether they want to look at advantages and have children or they want to look at disadvantages and remain childfree all their life.


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