Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Games

The computer is used for a variety of purpose and computer games are one of those things, computer games are played not only by kids but by people of all ages. Playing computer games is very addictive and people spend hours in playing them, while it is debatable whether playing computer games do any good or not for an individual. In order to have clear understanding about this topic, given below are the advantages and disadvantages of playing computer games –

Advantages of Playing Computer Games

Increases Focus and Attention

One of the advantage of playing computer game is that it increases the focus as well as the attention of an individual because games require a certain amount of skill and memory in order to clear the stage of the game and as individual keeps playing game his or her focus and attention will improve not only in the game but also in doing day to day tasks of the life.

Remove Stress

When one is in stress than playing computer games can help reduce that stress and make life easy. Hence in a way, it helps an individual who is stressful and feeling lonely to overcome that stress and keep away from getting into depression as computer game have their own world which unlike real life does not hurt the feelings of the individual.

Creativity and Coordination

Computer games are great when it comes to improving the hand and eye coordination of an individual because one requires speed and alertness when it comes to playing games, also it makes individual more creative because games cannot be completed by following set path rather one needs to make his or her own path in completing the game.

Disadvantages of Playing Computer Games

Wastage of time

Since computer games are addictive people playing these games spend many hours of the day which in case of students and kids is a wastage of time as too much of anything is bad and as a student if you are ignoring studies for playing games than it will have an adverse effect on the grades as well as the future life of an individual.

Health-related Problem

Another disadvantage is that since people keep playing games for hours they experience health-related issues like eyes problem, headache, back pain and other diseases, also as gamer is devoting their time playing computer games they do less of physical activity which again will make them susceptible to many other diseases.

Change in Behavior

Another problem with playing computer games is that in case of some people especially among kids it leads to change in behavior of a person as there is a risk that playing some of the violent games will actually translate into the nature of person and make him or her more aggressive and violent which in turn will push them towards crime.

As one can see from the above that playing computer games has both advantages as well as disadvantages and it is up to the individual who is playing these games whether he or she wants to enjoy the game and benefits from it or an individual wants to ruin his or her life by playing too much of games and taking those games to the real world with his or her personality.


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