Advantages and Disadvantages of Driverless Car


The driverless car is a car which is without a driver which implies that humans do not drive that car rather it is the computer which operates that car. Driverless or self-driving car was a fiction a few years back and was shown only in science fiction movies but due to tremendous advancement in technology, self driving car has become a reality, before forming an opinion about it one should first look at advantages and disadvantages of driverless car –

Advantages of Driverless Car

Reduction in Accidents

The biggest advantage of driverless car is that it helps in reducing the number of accidents which are caused due to human error because computer will make fewer mistakes as compared to human beings as human beings get tired after long journey or some drive after drinking alcohol which increases the chances of accidents even more while in case of driverless car computer will never drink or gets tired even after a long journey thus making it a safe journey for the passengers.


Another advantage of driverless car is the comfort level in such cars because nobody has to drive the car and the whole family can sit in the car and enjoy the ride by watching movies or listening music and also they can travel at night as well as for long period of time without any break as driverless car will never get exhausted. Gone are the days when one had to ask for directions when going to new places as the driverless car through its navigation can automatic search for locations and take you to your destination.

Blessing for Senior citizen and Handicapped

Senior citizens after reaching an age are unable to drive the car and so are those people who are handicapped, the driverless car is a welcome technological advancement for such people as they do not have to be dependent on anyone for going anywhere which results in a lot of comfort for these two categories of people.

Disadvantages of Driverless Car


The biggest problem with the driverless car is that since it is a new innovation it’s expensive and only a few people can afford it which limits its reach. Hence in a way, this breakthrough innovation will benefit rich people only who have that much money available to buy the driverless car.

Loss of Jobs of Drivers

Another limitation of driverless cars is that it will make drivers jobless as once the driverless car is used by everyone then no one will require the services of drivers which in turn will have an adverse impact on the unemployment rate leading to dissatisfaction among this sections of the people of the country.

Accidents due to Software Error or Hacking

Driverless car drive with the help of software and we all know that software’s are not 100 percent error proof and that error in software can lead to big accidents and also people with bad intentions can hack the software and do bigger damage to both property as well as people of the country.

As one can see from the above that self driving car has advantages as well disadvantages and just like other technologies self driving car will continue to be a controversial topic for discussion but one thing is for sure that it will change the whole transport industry forever.






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