Advantages and Disadvantages of DTH

DTH has changed the way people use to watch television as now one does not has to depend on the cable guy as one gets his or her own dish through which one can watch all the satellite channels. The full form of DTH is Direct to Home, if you are still thinking whether to buy DTH or not you should look at the advantages and disadvantages of DTH

Advantages of DTH

Uninterrupted Services

The biggest advantage of DTH is that one can enjoy uninterrupted services because in case of cables if some problem happens like power cut in cable guy’s establishment than individuals cable network also goes off, or some cable is cut than the whole area is unable to receive the cable signal. In case of direct to home, there is no such problem because if an individual house has an inverter in his or her home than one can be sure of uninterrupted services even when there is a power cut. In simple words, one is not dependent on anybody for watching satellite channels.


Another benefit of it is that the clarity of Direct to Home network is so good that once you have watched television on Direct to Home network and then if you see television on the cable network then you will find the huge difference in picture quality and will not like it at all. In simple words watching television over Direct to Home is soothing to the eye as well as it is a full value for money experience.

Available Everywhere

DTH can be set up anywhere even at remote places which is not possible in case of cable networks. Hence the availability of Direct to Home anywhere in the country is a major plus of this service and in fact, it is the only option if one is living at a remote place and wants to enjoy satellite channels.

Disadvantages of DTH

Initial Cost

The biggest disadvantage of DTH is that it involves an initial cost for purchase of dish and setup box which is around 1500 to 2000 rupees whereas in cable there is no such initial cost which results in families avoiding it and choosing cable network.

Higher Monthly Fees

Another limitation of direct to the home network is that the monthly subscription charges are a bit high as compared to cable network besides if wants to watch all the channels than monthly subscription is even higher and almost double than that of cable television network which is a deterrent for many people when it comes to purchasing a DTH.

No local Channel

If one wants to watch and hear local news than DTH is not an option because in direct to home network local channels have no place and therefore people who love to hear and watch local news should stick to cable network only.

As one can see from the above that DTH has pros as well as cons but if one wants to watch uninterrupted entertainment in the high quality picture than look no further and buy a DTH connection right away.

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