Advantages and Disadvantages of EBook

EBook Meaning

In this technological age where everything is available online, books are no exception. The eBook refers to an electronic version of a physical book which can be read online or by downloading on devices like laptops, desktops, and mobiles. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of reading eBooks –

Advantages of eBooks

Saving of Paper

In this age where global warming has been a hot topic, eBooks are a welcome technological help because higher the number of people reading eBooks instead of normal books higher will be saving of paper as there will be less number of physical books gets printed.

Ease and Flexibility

Another advantage of eBook is that one can take it wherever he or she wants whether its office, school, multiplex, park or while traveling, in simple words it is more flexible. Another thing with eBook is that one does not need to carry the weight of books and he or she can carry thousands of eBooks in laptop or mobile wherever he or she goes and furthermore they can be transferred from one device to another instantly.

Less Expensive

The price of EBook is less than the physical copy of the book and hence it is less expensive to purchase eBook rather than buying its physical copy and also there will be no extra charges like shipping charges on purchase of eBook.

Disadvantages of eBooks

Feeling cannot be replicated

The biggest disadvantage of eBook is that it does not feel the same as reading a physical book no matter how good the device on which it is being read as that feeling of reading the physical book cannot be replicated by the eBook. Hence if you gave an option to the people whether they want to read physical book or eBook than other things remaining the same majority of people will select the physical book.


Another disadvantage is that one gets distracted easily while reading eBooks because the device on which you are reading the eBook has many other things like games, songs and many other things which results in one getting constantly distracted while reading the book which is not the case with the physical copy of the book.

Risk of Loss of all Books

There is a risk that if one does not has taken the backup of eBooks and the laptop or mobile gets lost or formatted due to a virus then there is the risk of one losing all the books together in one shot.

As one can see from the above that eBooks have advantages as well as disadvantages but one cannot ignore this medium because as far as young generation are concerned they prefer this medium whereas older generation prefer physical books and hence one can say that both eBooks and physical books will continue to exist.


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