Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams

The word which brings anxiety to the minds of students is called exams or examinations. Exams are a barometer of performance done by the students over a period of time which is usually a year. Examinations are conducted by every school and college and it is on the basis of examinations only a student is declared pass or fail. Exams have been going for past many decades but from past few years, people have been questioning the utility of exams for every course as according to them exam should not be the only barometer of performance. In order to understand it, better one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of exams –

Advantages of Exams

Competitive Environment

The biggest advantage of the exam is that it creates a competitive environment in the school or college and we all know that the real joy of winning comes when there is competition. In case of students, exams acts as a catalyst which helps the students to do hard work and excel in examinations as students who study well will get higher marks and hence higher rank in examinations and those students who do not work hard and study well will get lower marks. In simple words, the exam is necessary to create a competitive environment and bring out the best in students.

Self Assessment

Exams not only help the school or college in assessing the performance of student but they also help the student to know about his or her performance and see where he or she is going with the studies which in turn will help the student in deciding about future career options. Hence for example if student is not getting good grades in science subjects than he or she may decide to go for commerce or art stream in future as it may possible that science subjects are difficult to grasp for particular student and one gets that clear idea about it only when he or she gets bad marks in examinations. Hence in simple words exams are necessary for self-assessment of individual’s capabilities.

Time Management

Exams help students in learning an important skill which is time management because the majority of exams are time bound and the student has to manage the time in such a way that he or she is able to finish the examination paper on time. This skill of time management not helps in the exam but comes in handy in future also whether it’s personal life or professional life of an individual.

Disadvantages of Exams


The biggest con of exams is that it creates unnecessary stress in the minds of students and due to that stress students go into pressure which results in them underperforming which in turn results in even more pressure both from teachers’ as well as parents resulting in the student losing confidence and getting into depression. In simple words in some cases exams instead of helping students do harm to their confidence and future life.

Students Intelligence

Another disadvantage of examinations is that the performance of students in exams is considered to be the only barometer for success which should not be the case. A poor performance in exams does not mean that students are not intelligent because being intelligent is one thing and performing well in exams is other as not all intelligent people perform well in exams. Hence one can say that if one wants to check student’s intelligence than exams are only one of the criteria and not the only criteria.

Scope for other Hobbies

Exams are conducted to test the bookish knowledge which leaves no scope for practical approach and also due to the pressure of exams students kills their hobbies. Hence for example, if a student is good in games or music but due to exam and parents pressure than he or she leaves that hobby and goes into the mad race of stress called examinations.

As one can see from that exams have pros as well as cons but they cannot be done away with as they are the best way to test the knowledge of student but schools and colleges should try to make it a smooth and stress-free process rather than making it tedious and stressful process.

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