Advantages and Disadvantages of Going to Gym

Every year on 1st of January if there is one resolution that majority of people make than it has to be that they will join the gym so as to reduce weight and be fit, it is a different thing that majority of those resolutions will fail. However, those people who really want to go to gym they should first look at advantages and disadvantages of going to gym –

Advantages of Going to Gym

Reduction in Weight

The first and foremost reason due to which people go to the gym is for the reduction in body weight which in turn will keep one away from many diseases which happen due to you being overweight. Apart from losing weight gym also helps in maintaining a fit body


Another advantage of the gym is that it also helps in reduction of stress and keeps an individual mentally refreshed as going to the gym in the morning and burning the fats is mentally very satisfying and in a way, it gives positive energy to an individual not only in the gym but throughout the day.

Make New Friends

In the gym, you will encounter many people and since all have come with a common goal that is to remain fit and healthy one will make new friends who share the common interest. Hence in a way gym helps an individual in making new friends and thus increasing the social circle of an individual.

Disadvantages of Gym

Membership Fees

The gym can be expensive as they charge membership fees when you join the gym and for those people who go the gym only for few days in a month, it can be the costly affair. Hence in a way, if one goes to the gym regularly than this membership fees does not matter but if you are one of those who will not go the gym regularly then it may well be a waste of money.

Not adequate

If an individual thinks that going to the gym will make an individual slim quickly than he or she may be disappointed because if one does not control the diet thinking that he or she is going to the gym then it will not result in weight reduction rather one has to do both the things that include going to the gym and also control the diet in order to achieve the target of reduction in body weight.

One has to go regularly

If an individual goes to gym for 1 year and then he or she does leave the gym than it can result in one gaining weight gain and loss of body shape, hence in a way once you have joined the gym you need to go to the gym regularly in order to remain fit and be in right shape.

As one can see from the above that going to the gym has advantages as well as disadvantages and it is strictly for those individuals who are serious about their health and can remain motivated for long to keep going to the gym regularly.


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