Advantages and Disadvantages of H1B Visa

H1B Visa Meaning

H1B Visa is a visa which is given by the United States of America to the workers of foreign countries who are into specialty occupation. It is a non-immigrant visa implying that person to whom this visa has been issued cannot live permanently in the US rather he or she can live for a specific period only. In order to understand about it more, one should look at advantages and disadvantages of H1B Visa –

Advantages of H1B Visa

One can Apply Multiple Times

There is no limit on the number of times an individual can have H1B Visa, so for example if you have the H1B visa for 3 years and after completion of 3 years, one can get another H1B visa. Hence in simple words, one can get multiple H1B visas from different employers during his or her lifetime, also this visa is for the longer period of time which is usually three years as compared to other types of visas which are shorter in duration.

Apply for Permanent Residency

Another benefit of this visa is that one can also apply for green card or permanent residency while working in the USA under this visa. Hence one does not need to wait for the end of the period of H1B visa for applying for a green card which gives it a significant advantage over other types of visas.

Take Spouse to the USA

Another advantage of this visa is that one does not has to live alone in the US as one can take his or her spouse and children who are not married and below the age of 21 years to the USA. Hence one does not feel lonely and keep his or her family till the completion of the period of visa.

Disadvantages of H1B Visa

Lottery System

The biggest drawback of this visa is that since a large number of people apply for this visa against the set number of visas to be given it basically turns into a lottery which makes you the qualification and need secondary and luck factor plays its part in deciding whether you will be allotted this visa or not.

Difficult to Find Sponsor Employer

Another problem with this visa is that since due to geopolitical concerns and focus on employing residents of USA it is difficult to find employers who are willing to offer jobs to non-residents of US as having a job offer is a primary requirement as far as the H1B visa is concerned. Fees for this visa which has to be paid by the employers is another factor which results in lower job offers to people living outside the US.

Period of Extension

Another problem with this visa is the period of extension of H1B Visa which can be done once and that too for a maximum period of six years. Hence in simple words, an individual who has gone to the US on H1B visa in 2017 cannot live in the US beyond 2023 in any case according to the rules and regulations of this visa.

As one can see from the above that H1B visa has advantages as well as disadvantages and any individual thinking of going to the US on H1B Visa should look above points and then decide whether he or she wants to go to the US on this visa or not.



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