Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

Homework is given by the teachers to their students in every school all over the world because it helps the students in recalling the topics which they have learned in school. It is a debatable topic as some people think that when students go to school then why the need for putting an additional burden of homework while others think that it is essential in order to have a revision of the work done in school. In order to have better opinion about this issue, one should look at advantages and disadvantages of homework –

Advantages of Homework

Make students Confident

In schools, teachers are always there and students depend on them to solve any query but when work for home is given they have to do that work at their home and there is nobody to help them which in turn make them confident and independent once they have successfully completed their homework.

Time Management

Homework’s are all about how a student manages the time available at home for doing the given homework on time. Hence in a way homework helps the students in learning a very important skill of time management at an early age which can be of great help in future when it comes to managing the professional and personal life.

Stay Focused

It helps the students in maintaining the focus on the studies because if no work is given for home than students will have idle time at home which they may waste in doing activities which are of no use like playing computer and mobile games for long hours or watching television or chatting with friends for long and so on, in a way homework helps the students in keeping focus on studies.


Disadvantages of Homework

Lot of Pressure

Teachers sometimes give too much homework to the students which in turn create pressure on the students and the real objective of giving the homework is diluted as the objective of the homework is to help the students in revision and a better understanding of the topics and not to unnecessarily pressurize the students.

Loss of Interest in Studies

Another problem with it is that student sometimes loses interest in studies as too much of a thing can result in hate towards that thing and if student is studying for whole day in school and after coming from school also he or she has to the same thing then it can be frustrating which ultimately may result in loss of interest towards studies.

No Value Addition

Another problem with it is that sometimes teachers give it only for the sake of it and there is no real benefit of giving the homework. In other words, students do not learn or gain from the assignments given at school leading to students doing futile work in the name of homework’s.

As one can see from the above that homework has advantages as well as disadvantages but one thing is for sure that it cannot be avoided by both teachers as well as students as saying that no assignments for home is needed is equivalent to saying that patient should take medicines only in hospitals and not at home. Just like the hospital are for treatment and medicines are part of that treatment, in the same way, schools are for education and homework’s are a part of that education.



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  • Diya

    Is homework have disadvantages also then why teachers give us homework

    • techievp

      It seems you have read only disadvantages, there are advantages of homework also and as long as teacher is not overburdening you with home work it is fine to do homework.

  • Bhavya

    Homework is burden in small children

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