Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The Internet has become so common that even small children know about it, it refers to connecting with the world through mobile or computers so that one can send and receive any information in the form of text, image, and video sitting anywhere in the world. In order to understand about the internet and its usefulness given below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of internet.

Advantages of Internet

Sea of Knowledge

The biggest advantage of the internet is that it has opened doors of knowledge for everybody whether they are students or people working in offices or housewives there is something for everyone. If one has any problem that he or she can simply use the internet and search it on Google he or she will get 1000 of answers for the problem making the problem look like a piece of cake which in pre internet era was impossible.

Made Buying and Selling Easy

Another advantage of it is that one can buy or sell anything at the best possible price which in turn helps the consumers as well as companies because consumers gets the best possible price for any product and companies get vast market where they can sell their product to any corner of the world and not just to local markets only thus making it a sweeter deal for both consumers as well as companies.

Reduces Boredom

It has helped people in dealing with their boredom or in other words due to the internet now no one feels alone as there are thousands of movies, songs, games and other such applications which one can use. Due to it one can have a good time even without friends and family.

Connect with Dear ones anytime

Due to it one can connect with family and friends irrespective of distance, so if you are in London and your family is in Canada than with the help of internet you can see them anytime through video calling and be with them on special moments like birthdays, anniversary etc.…, even when you are miles away from your dear ones.

Disadvantages of Internet

Unlawful Activities

The biggest disadvantage of the internet is that it has led to many unlawful activities like scamming the people through fake emails or defrauding people of their money from the bank accounts or terrorist using social networks to encourage young people to join them and so on.

Increased Distance between Family and Friends

People have become more private and the internet has increased the distance between family and friends as all people are hooked to the internet they do not get time for their family and friends. These days even small kids play on mobiles and computers rather than playing on grounds with their friends. Hence in a way internet has reduced physical distance between people but has increased emotional distance between people.

Exposure of Kids to all sort of things

It has exposed young kids to all sort of things. Since human nature is such that it gets attracted to bad habits first and if kids are using the internet without any supervision they are likely to visit websites which they are not supposed to visit which in turn defeats the whole purpose of internet being powerhouse of knowledge for kids.

Creating Panic from Wrong Information

It has also made the task of wrongdoers easy as people consider any information on the internet to be true. Hence when the situation is tense and mischievous people post old images on social networking websites turning an already tensed situation into riots leading to damage of public property by the people making it tough for administration and government to handle such situation.


As one can see from the above that the internet has advantages as well as disadvantages, but in today’s world it is impossible to live without the internet and that is the reason why people should embrace its advantages and evade the disadvantages of internet.

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