Advantages and Disadvantages of Jio Sim

Jio sim was launched by reliance industries limited in the year 2016 and it has truly revolutionized the telecom sector of India. If one has to draw analogy than before jio people used to pay price of airplane ticket which was the price of data and voice pack of various telecom operators but they had to travel at the speed of train which was the 3g speed of telecom operators but after jio people are paying the price for train ticket which is the low monthly price of jio sim and travelling at the speed of airplane which is due to high speed of 4g network of jio. Before forming an opinion one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of jio sim.

Advantages of Jio Sim

Free calling and SMS

The biggest advantage of jio sim is that it is giving free calling to any network anywhere in India and hence after recharging the sim one can call to any number of people for any number of hours and the customer has to pay no additional cost. One can also send 100 SMS per day without incurring any cost.

Free Data

Another big advantage of jio sim is that one get 1 GB data daily and for the majority of people this limit is sufficient moreover the internet speed is good as compared to the 3g network which is present before jio came into existence.

Free Roaming

Another benefit of jio sim is that it has removed the roaming charges which one had to pay if he or she is going into another state which used to very high. These roaming charges are removed not only for voice calls but also for data and hence now one can use his or her sim anywhere in India without worrying about extra charges.

Disadvantages of Jio Sim

4G Compatible Mobile

The biggest disadvantage of jio sim is that it works only with those mobile which are 4g enabled and therefore its reach is limited as not all people will have 4g mobiles. In simple words, one has to purchase 4g enabled mobile first and then only he or she will be able to use the jio sim.

Data Cap

Another limitation of this sim is that there is data cap of 1 GB daily and after competition of that limit internet speed becomes very slow. In this age where one spends the majority of time on mobiles and internet, these 1 GB limit can get exhausted very quickly.

Addiction to Mobile

Another problem is that after the advent of jio sim people have become more addicted to mobile and internet as everything is now done through mobile and if one has to calculate time spent on mobile before and after the jio sim came into existence than one will find that mobile use has almost doubled and people have no time for anything else as they are busy in their mobiles.

As one can see from the above that jio sim has advantages as well as disadvantages but one thing is for sure that it has completely changed the telecom sector for better as voice and data charges have come drastically down due to the advent of jio in the market.

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