Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family

Joint family can be compared to a tree, just like the tree has many branches, in the same way, joint family is not one family rather it consists of many families living together under one roof. In simple words, joint family is that family in which more than one generation lives together. In this age where people prefer to live alone and the joint family concept has been losing significance, one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of the joint family.

Advantages of Joint Family

Support in Emergency

In case of an emergency like disease, accident or any other contingency joint family is the pillar of support because one does not only get financial support but also get an emotional support which in emergencies is far more comforting and important than financial support. Hence in simple words in times of happiness one does not need anybody but in bad times you need shoulders for support and joint family does exactly that which in itself is the greatest benefit of the joint family.

Great for Kids and Working Parents

In case of joint families, kids grew without any problem because there are plenty of people to take care of them as well as play with them and if both parents are working then also in case of joint families there is no problem as there are many people who take care of kids.

Support for Old age People

In case of joint families old age people are taken care of by young generation and also the experience of old age people is used for taking major decisions in the family which again is good for the family as a whole. Hence, in other words, joint family acts as insurance for old age people if family members are supportive of old age people.

Disadvantages of Joint Family

Fights and Tension

The biggest disadvantage of joint families is that at most of the times the house becomes a battlefield and even if the fight is between two individuals but the whole family gets into it directly or indirectly resulting in undue tension between the family members which in turn makes the whole concept of joint families senseless.

Generation Gap

Another problem with joint families is that the generation gap is huge because oldest member of family has his or her own values and orthodox thinking while young members are free thinkers and technology-driven which most of the times lead to fighting between old and young generation resulting in bad environment for the whole family

Hindrance to Development

Another limitation of joint families is that sometimes it may lead roadblock for the personal development of an individual as in case of joint families there are many emotional attachments and people think ten times before leaving their house whether it’s for job or for business and hence in a way sometimes joint families can limit an individual’s success.

As one can see from the above that joint family has pros and cons but its success or happiness depend on the family members as sometimes you have to keep your egos and fights aside so as to enjoy the benefits of living together.

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