Advantages and Disadvantages of Junk Food

Junk Food Meaning

Dictionary meaning of junk is something which is of no value and in case of food it refers to that food which is mouthwatering but it is high in calories and low in nutritional content, it is eaten by the young generation the most as they love its taste and economics while old generation is against it due to its adverse effect on an individual. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of junk food

Advantages of Junk Food

Cheap and Easy Availability

The biggest advantage of junk foods is that they are cheap as compared to other foods and that is the reason why they are loved by young people like college or school students as they are looking for cheaper option and also they are available anywhere which makes it easy for the people eating such foods as they don’t have to go too far to eat their favorite food.

Easy to Carry

Another advantage of junk food is that they are very easy to carry and one can carry it anywhere without any problem, so one carry foods like pizza, burger, French fries to any place they want because junk food requires small space as compared other food items.

Good Taste and Variety

Another advantage of junk food is that they are very good in taste and that is the reason why they are addictive and also they’re available in so many varieties so in case of pizza you have the option to eat different types of pizza like cheese pizza, thin crust pizza, tomato pie pizza and so on. Hence an individual can eat the different type of junk food every time he or she goes to eat outside.

Disadvantages of Junk Food

It’s Unhealthy and leads to many Diseases

The biggest problem with junk food is that they are very unhealthy and continuous consumption of junk foods leads to many problems like diabetes, blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems and other such diseases and that is the reason why one sees nowadays kids at very young age suffer from these diseases. Hence in a way, junk food has made kids and young generation vulnerable to many diseases which previously used to happen to old people.

Weight Gain

Another problem with junk food is since they contain a high amount of calories and fat, and therefore regular consumption of junk food can lead to weight gain or obesity which in itself will create a big problem in the future for an individual.


Another disadvantage of such foods is that they are very addictive and kids once start eating such foods refuse to eat healthy foods and whenever they go outside they will always prefer junk foods over other foods leading to the problem for parents as too much of this food possess risk for the health of person eating such foods.


As one can see from the above that junk food has advantages as well as disadvantages but its disadvantages are far more serious than its advantages and that is the reason why these foods should be avoided and should be eaten occasionally and not regularly by an individual.

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