Advantages and Disadvantages of Moto E3 Power

Moto E3 power is a budget smartphone from Motorola Company and it is built with MediaTek MT6735P chipset and 1.0 GHz MediaTek Quad-core processor having 5.0 inches IPS LCD Capacitive touch screen and it runs on Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow). Before buying this mobile one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of Moto E3 power–

Advantages of Moto E3 Power


One of the advantage of moto e3 power is that it comes with 3500 mAh battery which provides great battery backup which easily lasts for a full day with heavy usage of the device while running applications and games on the mobile and also it is removable which makes it even more compelling.

Stock Android

Another advantage of this mobile is that it comes with stock Android implying that it does not come with any unnecessary installed applications which make the Android experience even better.

Oleophobic coating and Fast Charging

This coating does not make it a waterproof phone but still it protects the screen from liquids, also it comes with fast charging charger which charges the device quite quickly resulting in less time wastage as far as charging of the mobile is concerned.

Disadvantages of Moto E3 Power

No Fingerprint Scanner

This device does not have a fingerprint sensor while it in itself may not be a limitation but when it comes to competitors like Redmi 4 which is providing this feature at the same price tag it results in it being a disadvantage of Moto E3.


The camera is not a strong point of this mobile because the picture quality is good but not great and also it comes with the video recording of 720p only which will keep away those people who buy mobile for its camera quality rather than other features.

Lack of Other Features

It is devoid of many features like it does not have a magnetic sensor or compass which makes turn by turn navigation is not possible, it does not have gyroscope sensor, It does not offer Infrared and It does not have NFC feature for transfer data connections

As one can see from the above that Moto E3 power has its pros and cons but anyone thinking of buying this mobile should look above points and then take the decision whether they want to buy Moto E3 power or not.

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