Advantages and Disadvantages of Nokia 6

Nokia the name itself brings old memories as Nokia brand was the first mobile for the majority of people all over the world, but with time and technology, Nokia has been replaced by other mobiles. Nokia 6 is a mid-range smartphone which is built with Snapdragon 430 Processor having 5.5 inches Full HD Display and runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. Before buying this mobile one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of Nokia 6

Advantages of Nokia 6


The biggest advantage of Nokia 6 is the brand of Nokia as it has great recall value and there are many people who are true fans of old Nokia mobiles and when they come to know about this mobile they will surely think about buying this mobile purely out of their love and memories associated with Nokia.


Another advantage of this mobile is the presence of the 16-megapixels rear camera, f/2.0 with powerful Dual-LED flash and also 8-Megapixels, f/2.0 front Camera which helps in getting good quality pictures and videos from this device.

Good Design and Features

It comes in good aluminum design which gives a premium feel to this device and also it has plenty of features like it supports OTG and NFC cable. It has 64 GB internal storage, Finger Print Sensor, dual sim support, proximity and accelerometer sensors.

Disadvantages of Nokia 6


The 3000 mAh battery is good but not great because other smartphones are providing up to 5000 mAh battery and therefore the battery backup of this mobile is limited and hence those people who are heavy users of mobile may not like battery backup of this mobile, also it comes with non-removable battery which is also a con for many people.

Hybrid Dual Sim

Another limitation with this mobile is that this mobile has a hybrid dual sim, in simple words there is no dedicated microSD card slot which results in problem because users these days have 2 Sim cards and if they want to use microSD card then it can lead to problem of choice between 1 Sim card and microSD card.


Another limitation of Nokia 6 is that new generation know and love smartphones from brands like Samsung and Apple and they do not know the brand of Nokia that well because of the absence of Nokia from smartphone market for few years. Hence it has to recreate the brand again in the minds of the young generation as they are the prime users of smartphones.

As one can see from the above that Nokia 6 has pros and cons and one should look at above points carefully and then decide whether he or she wants to buy this mobile or not.


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