Advantages and Disadvantages of Road Transport

Road Transport Meaning

Road transport refers to the transport of people and goods by roads through various medium of transport like cars, trucks, buses etc.., it is one of the oldest and most used means of transport all over the world. Given below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of road transport.

Advantages of Road Transport

Less Expensive

The first and foremost advantage of this mode of transportation is that government has to incur fewer expenses on construction of roads as compared to other means of transport like railways, sea or air transport which is the reason why it is present in every corner of the country, also roads can be built quickly and they are the most viable option as far as connectivity to far flung area is concerned.

Good for Short Distance and Flexibility

It is best suited when the distance is short and one requires flexibility in the journey because suppose distance is 100 miles and going to the railway station for catching a train or going to an airport and wasting time in check-ins will result in passenger reaching the destination late as compare to covering the distance by road. Flexibility implies that one can stop the vehicle wherever he or she wants which is not possible in case of other means of transport like railways, boats, and airplane.

Present Everywhere

Road transport has the benefit of being present everywhere whether it is in metro, urban or rural area and also its reach is not limited to particular destinations rather its reach is extensive. Hence for example, if some industry is located at some remote place than road transport is the only practical way of reaching to that industry or if one wants to go to some remote tourist place than also road transport is the only way of reaching there.

Disadvantages of Road Transport

Inconvenient for Long Distances

The biggest problem with road transport is that when distance is long it is very inconvenient to use road transport as it takes time which is not the case with air transport using which one can quickly reach his or her destination and also there is no scope of rest as one has to sit continuously throughout the journey which is not the case with railways where one can sleep whenever one wants.

Affected by Multiple Factors

Another limitation of road transport is that it is affected by multiple factors like traffic congestion, bad weather conditions, bad roads leading to breakdown of vehicles, risk of theft while driving in night at isolated places and also accidents related risk which makes road transport vulnerable and risky as compared to other modes of transport like railways and airplane where these risks are less.


Another disadvantage of road transport is that it is unorganized which leads to exploitation of passengers as fares for goods and passengers are not uniform and the fares keep changing depending on the circumstance which is not the case with other mediums of transports like railways, sea and air transport.

As one can see from the above that road transport has advantages as well as disadvantages and for any economy to prosper it needs to have the proper network of roads connecting every corner of the country with each other and that is the reason why governments should focus and invest money to improve the road network in the country.

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