Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones

Smartphones for today’s generation has become the second shadow because just like shadow follows us everywhere in the same way people take smartphones with them wherever they go. The smartphone is simple words refers to that touchscreen mobile which apart from performing the basic function of allowing one to talk also perform other functions like connecting to the internet, running a variety of applications and does many other tasks. In order to understand more about smartphones, one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of Smartphones.

Advantages of Smartphones

Full Package Entertainment

The biggest advantage of having smartphones is that it is a full package entertainment due to which one never gets bored. So for social platform one can download Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or for gaming one can download games like candy crush, subway surfer, angry birds and select from thousands of games or for watching movies and television shows one can download applications like amazon prime and Netflix. Hence in simple words, one can use the smartphone for the variety of activities which keeps an individual entertained.

Sea of Information and Facilities

One can use smartphone for many things like if you do not know the location or route to someplace you can use Google maps to reach to your destination or as a student if you are not able to understand particular topic than you can watch hundreds of YouTube videos to better understand the topic or if you want to do any transaction or transfer funds you can do using the various payment applications at your fingertip.

Online Booking of Tickets

One can book online tickets for all medium of transport whether its trains or airplane or buses and also one can book movie tickets, concerts, and sporting event without standing in queue on their mobiles and take mobile instead of physical ticket which results in lot of ease as one does not has to carry physical ticket with him or her.

Disadvantages of Smartphones


The biggest disadvantage of the smartphone is that is very addictive and in today’s world, it is the smartphone which has created distances between people as all are busy with their smartphones and they have no time for their friends and family. Another thing is that one has become so habitual of smartphones that one keeps checking it every 5 or 10 minutes whether they are in a meeting or in a social gathering or in bathroom etc.. as if they want to check whether it is alive or not. Hence one should avoid this kind of compulsive behavior as too much of anything is bad and smartphone is no exception.

High Price and Change in Technology

Another limitation of the smartphone is that they are quite expensive and when it comes to brands like Apple and Samsung are concerned they are priced so highly that one can buy expensive LED television at the same price. Also, the technology in these smartphones changes so quickly that after 1 year your mobile start looking outdated because whether its camera or processor or functions all of them come in updated form and hence the life of a smartphone is limited if you are one of those technology geeks who want to remain updated with technology.

Diseases and Frustration

Due to overuse of smartphone one gets various diseases like eye problem as one keeps staring at small screen for many hours which results in eye-related problems, also young generation keep watching their mobiles even at their bed which results in them becoming sleep deprived which in turn results change in behavior and frustration in doing day to day activities. Hence in simple words using the smartphone for long hours causes both physical and mental problems which in turn affect the social as well as professional life of an individual.

As one can see from the above that smartphones have wide uses and quite useful but at the same time too much addiction towards it can be detrimental to an individual social as well as professional life. Hence one can say that smartphones are that innovation which has impacted our lives the most in the past decade but at the same time, one should be aware of its dangers due to its excessive use.

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