Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy refers to that energy which is created with the help of sunlight and hence after an initial investment on solar panels one gets electricity at a nominal cost which is also renewable implying that it will never get exhausted. There is a lot of debate whether governments should promote solar power as alternative energy or not. In order to understand about solar energy better one should know the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy –

Advantages of Solar Energy

Clean Energy

The biggest advantage of solar energy is that it is clean source of energy in the sense that it does not create pollution and it today’s time, when global warming is a cause of worry for governments all over the world solar energy, can be of great help for the environment and thus creating a better world for the human beings.

Renewable Source of Energy

Another advantage of this source of energy is that it is a renewable source of energy which will never get drained out as long as the sun is there and hence there is no risk of energy running out which is the case with other sources of energy like coal, diesel and other such non-renewable sources of energy.

Money Saving

It helps in saving a lot of money because after initial investment the maintenance cost for solar panels is low as compared to other sources of energy which makes it a very affordable option for countries in Asia and Africa where there is plenty of sunlight and presence of a large number of people who are living in poverty.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Availability of Sunlight

The biggest disadvantage of solar energy is that it is not available everywhere and at any time. Hence there is plenty of sunlight in parts of Asia and Africa while other regions of world do not have so much sunlight, also place where there is plenty of sunlight there also it is available only for 10 to 12 hours and in the night there is no availability which results in it working only half of the time.

High Initial Cost

The cost of buying and installing solar panels is high which results in low participation from the people towards this clean source of energy, hence until the government gives subsidies for installing these solar panels its usage and popularity will be limited.

Problem in Transferability

Once solar panels are installed then it will be difficult and costly affair to move them to another place or in other words they cannot be moved from one place to other easily which can be a limitation in the eyes of the end user who is installing solar panels for generation of solar energy as people love flexibility.

Conclusion about Solar Energy

As one can see from the above that solar energy has advantages as well as disadvantages, however, its advantages outweigh its disadvantages and that is the reason why governments all over the world are laying special emphasis on this form of energy.

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