Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession because it involves shaping the future of kids by teaching kids about a particular subject and those who teach to students are called the teacher. Being a teacher is not easy because for young kids after their parents it is the teacher who is their role model and that is the reason why one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of being teacher –

Advantages of being Teacher

Be with Young Generation

The biggest benefit of being teacher is that one gets to be with or among kids and young generation and we all know that young generation is very energetic and enthusiastic. Hence as a teacher, there is never a dull moment because one is surrounded with plenty of energetic students who keep the teacher on the toes both in terms of their knowledge as well as attention.

Further Studies

If an individual wants to study further in particular subject than being a teacher of that subject can be of great help, so for example if one wants to do Ph.D. in mathematics then being a mathematics teacher can be of great help as it will help an individual in keeping touch with basics and also one gets time to study and prepare for the future during school holidays.

Personal Satisfaction

Another advantage of being a teacher is that one gets a lot of satisfaction from the job because when students after many years come and meet you to say thank you and also tell their friend’s and family that this is the person due to whom they have been successful. In simple worlds being a teacher gives a great sense of emotional satisfaction to the person.

Disadvantages of being Teacher

Low Pay

The biggest disadvantage of being teacher is that their salary is not that good and that is the reason why many talented people do not join as the teacher because they get more attractive packages or salary in other jobs which leave a vacuum in the education sector as low salary leads to many people opting out of this profession.

Less Scope for Growth Professionally

When one compares teaching to other professions than one will find it that scope of growth in case of teaching is very limited and as an individual, it can be frustrating because everybody wants to grow professionally. Hence in case of corporates if you are talented you can become both successful and rich in quick time which is not the case with being a teacher.

Monotonous Work

Another limitation of being teacher is that teaching can be monotonous because one has to teach same subject and topics for many years and although some changes happen every year the basic concepts and other things remain the same. Hence in other words teaching is not for those who want to new tasks and get bored easily by doing a repetitive task.

As one can see from the above that there are pros and cons of being teacher and an individual before being a teacher has to make choice between personal satisfaction or professional growth and money.

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