Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Televisions are a great source of entertainment for people of all ages and despite so many innovations in the field of technology television has stood its ground and competed well with other sources of entertainment like mobiles, computers, multiplexes and so on. However, as the case with all other things televisions too has its pros and cons, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of television –

Advantages of Television

Great Source of Entertainment

The biggest advantage of television is that it is a great source of entertainment as it has contents for all age groups, so you have cartoons channels which are watched by kids or fashion and songs channels which are watched by teens or daily soaps and movies channels which are watched by middle age people and finally news and devotional channels which are watched by old age people. Hence in simple words, it got something for everyone in the family and it’s a complete package of entertainment as far as family is concerned.

Live Sports Event and Shows

If one wants to watch any live sporting event or any live show like a musical concert, award night and other such shows than the television is the preferred medium in spite the advent of mobiles, computers as people love to watch these events on the big screen of televisions.

Cheap Form of Entertainment

Another pro of television is that it is quite cheap as compared to other mediums of entertainment, so for example if you go to multiplex with your family then it will result in substantial amount of expenditure whereas in case of televisions after initial expenditure of purchasing a television recurring costs are very low when compares with other forms of entertainment.

Disadvantages of Television

Nuisance at Home

The biggest disadvantage of television is that it creates unnecessary nuisance in the home because it remains on all the time as somebody is watching one program or other and due to it there is no peace in the home and also family members do not have time to talk with each other as they keep watching television in their free time.

Exposes Kids to all Types of Content

Another con of television is that it exposes kids to all types of programs which may involve violence, nudity, and other bad things and therefore in a way it is a two-sided attack as on the one side kids do not study due to it and on the other side they are exposed to all bad contents which are there on the television.

Couch Potato

This word came into existence because of televisions as many people keep watching television for many hours in their couch which results in them not going outside resulting in lack of physical activity of an individual which exposes an individual not only to obesity but may other diseases arising from obesity. Hence in simple words televisions apart from wasting the time of an individual indirectly leads to many diseases.

As one can see from the above that televisions has advantages as well disadvantages but one thing is for sure which is whether you love or hate it but you cannot ignore this form of entertainment which has been entertaining all of the use for past many decades.

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