Advantages and Disadvantages of Work from Home

Work from home is a dream for many people because the majority of people like to earn money by working from the comfort of his or her home rather than going daily for 9 to 5 job. Work from home refers to that job in which an employee does not have to go to workplace rather he or she can work from anywhere. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of work from home –

Advantages of Work from Home


The biggest merit of working from home is that one has flexibility when it comes to completion of work, unlike office where one has to complete the task during office hours only. In case of work from home one can work according to his or her time schedule, so if one has urgent work in the afternoon than one can complete the work in the night, also one does not have to sit for a continuous period and can take a break according to one’s own will.

Saving of Time and Money

If one commutes from home to work than one has to incur expenses on fuel, road tax, parking and maintenance of the vehicle if one is using own vehicle which leads to monetary expenses also work from home saves lot of time of an individual because traffic conditions in metro cities is such that one has to leave home at least 1 hour before and one also reaches home late due to wastage of time in traffic. Hence work from home helps in saving money as well as the crucial time of commuting from office to home.

Relief from Office Politics

In the majority of work places there is politics in office and apart from technical knowledge, one needs to have interpersonal skills in order to get success which leads to an individual who is an introvert or not good in interpersonal skills being unsuccessful even if he or she is talented. Work from does not have such problem as there is no office and as such, there is no question of office politics and one gets rewards according to the work done.

Disadvantages of Work from Home


The biggest problem of working from home is that for some time one feels very good but after some time one began to feel loneliness as there is no one to talk to which is the case when you go to work at office where you can talk with your coworkers about all things whether it’s work related or home related and this loneliness can lead to frustration and depression in the individual working from home.

Work is always present

In case of office once you leave the office your work ends for the day and you don’t constantly think about the office work at home whereas in case of work from the work never ends as there is no fixed time which in turn results in one thinking about the work constantly leading to neglect of family members which create a rift in the lives of an individual as well as the family members of the individual working from home.

Change of Job

If an individual is doing work from home job from past few years and he or she thinks about change of job due to variety of reasons like retrenchment by the current company, better future prospects, closure of company, monotony in work and so on than it is very difficult to switch the job and again go back to 9 to 5 office job routine and also in job market one is competing with those individuals who are already working in offices and companies tend to prefer those individuals over individuals who were working from home.

As one can see from the above that work from home has advantages as well as disadvantages and for an individual, it is not an easy decision as it has major consequences not only on the future professional life of an individual but also on the personal life of an individual.

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