Introvert Advantages and Disadvantages

Introvert is a word which is used to describe that person who does not like to talk much and feels uncomfortable when he or she is exposed to a large gathering of people as they find it difficult to make new friends easily and quickly. It’s not that being introvert has only disadvantages. Given below are advantages and disadvantages of introvert –

Advantages of Introvert

Knowledge Gain

The first and foremost advantage of being introvert is that one gains a lot of knowledge because if you are constantly talking and not allowing other to speak you will not be able to imbibe their knowledge. Hence introvert people by not speaking too much and listening others carefully gain good amount of knowledge from others.


Another advantage of remaining silent is that since they do not talk much they get a lot of thoughts in their mind which helps them to think about any problem deeply and find a creative solution as compared to those people who are extrovert and spend the majority of time in talking. Hence introvert people believe in less talking and more action or in simple words these people make their actions do the talking.


These people are good listeners and since listening requires a lot of patience these people have a lot of patience which comes in handy in all aspect of life whether it’s at the workplace while dealing with subordinates and superiors or it’s at home while dealing with your relatives.

Disadvantages of Introvert

Sign of Stupidity

The biggest disadvantage of being a less talkative person is that their silence is viewed as sign of stupidity because when 10 people are standing and having conversation on some topic and out of those 10 people 9 are speaking and 1 is silent then that 1 person will be considered as person who has no knowledge and nobody will say that he or she is introvert rather all will be saying that he or she is stupid as that person is not contributing anything to the conversation.

Less Successful at Workplace

Another limitation is that since in majority of workplaces success is achieved not only by talent but also by maintaining relations with superiors and that is where people who remain silent finds themselves in trouble as they are poor at socializing which in turn put them behind their peers who in spite of having same or less talent than introvert achieve success due to their interpersonal skills.

Chances of Depression

Another disadvantage of being introvert is that since these people do not socialize much their circle of friends is limited which in turn may put these people at risk of being depressed as they find it difficult to pour their heart out to others and also they overthink about things which sometimes make the easy situation into a complex situation.


As one can see from the above that being introvert is not a bad thing and such people are not arrogant as people label them rather being introvert is the nature which one cannot change and the best thing to do if you are that person is to use its advantages to your benefit and try to nullify its disadvantages.



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